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Finding the beauty away from the studio

June 15, 2020

I predominantly work in the studio with Newborns, so having lots of free time outside is a real change for me. Having all of the extra time over the lockdown period it has really broadened my horizons and I have been looking for lots of new locations which I hope to share with you all over the coming weeks. 

I am planning mini sessions for next year including Bluebells, Blossom and Poppies. All gorgeous vibrate places which will make the most beautiful settlings to capture your lovely families in a fun, fresh way. I think a setting is very important, it can determine the whole feel of a shoot. I usually ask customers to choose somewhere that means a lot to them, that their children love going and they feel comfortable. Its all about fun and keeping things natural. Having two boys who don't like having studio photographs taken I understand lots of peoples frustrations when their children aren't keen on the idea of sitting and posing. Thats where your photographer comes in, it should always be fun and lighthearted. But I cannot advocate a location session enough if you do have a more wild child who likes adventure and catching their natural reactions to things will tell the story on your wall. 

I have really struggled through this horrible pandemic not being able to do the job I love and cuddle your precious newborns has been tough. But I have fallen in love with my babies all over again. I have loved to have the time to play with them, building dens, reading books, playing games and not being to stressed or busy to give them my fall attention. Not that it has been easy, my husband has been away the majority of the lockdown making working impossible due to childcare (I can imagine a lot of you are in the same boat). I am just looking forward to a bit of normality now and cannot wait to share what I have in the pipeline. 

Be kind to yourself..

January 01, 2020

I have been pretty quite since this lock down has happened, enjoying time with my babies and loving the less stressful way of life. My kids love a long walk so we have been looking for new places around where we live to take them. I have found some pretty lovely places too for when I am aloud to resume snapping my customers again. 

My husband is in the Navy and has been sent away on ship so I am muddling through with the home schooling and leaning on my mum who is a teacher.  I think this situation is very stressful on all of us, I cannot imagine trying to work from home and school your children. My three are what I would describe as a handful with big personalities

I know the first week this all kicked off I was the first one with a school timetable, work books and enough crafts to paper mache a small  house... now I have finished all the bottles of gin in my cupboard and David Attenborough just isn't cutting it. My point being we put so much pressure on ourselves and for what? We will never have this time again ever in our lifetimes. Use it to show love to your babies do fun stuff and they will learn, I have had so many tears and tantrums over forces them to do things (Which usually ends in them not doing it). 

Enjoy life, you never know when one day we might not be here. 

No your child isn't the worst I have ever had in my studio....

January 01, 2020

I always get this question and honestly no child is ever too much hard work. I understand the pressure parents face when coming in and wanting to capture that perfect family portrait and I am sure children pick up on the stress you feel when trying to prepare for this.  My toddler is currently 18months, this is probably the hardest age to capture their attention but keep it fun and don't put too much pressure on the shoot and they will have a whale of a time. 

I try to keep things fun by playing games and using the art of distraction, I have never I repeat never turned anyone away or not been able to capture something beautiful. Its seeing what works for your child. 

Also I offer mini sessions throughout he year. These are half an hour sessions for a special price usually themed around a time of year or theme. These are really good at getting your child used to the studio environment and me too. I have quite a few regular customers who attend these sessions and their children know me really well which defiantly helps. 

Growing fast..

January 01, 2020

My little beauty is growing so fast, I can't actually believe she is 4 months already! She's rolling over and loves being on her tummy but is so alert!  I usually advise people come in for photos when their babies are sitting but this is also a really love age as she's super smilie and just loving life. 

Welcome my beautiful Ivy Blossom

June 08, 2019

I will be officially starting my maternity leave as my gorgeous little lady made an appearance 3 weeks early! I cannot describe the feeling of welcoming a daughter after two sons into the world! Harry and Teddy are loving every second and it has made me realise how special it is having an age gap where they understand it all.  

18 Summers

August 12, 2018

I read this week that you only get 18 Summers with your babies before they are all grown up. This really made me think and in actual fact its not even that many, this year being on maternity leave over school holidays has been a dream for me. I have taken my brood out every day for walks, museums, the beach and more. Making memories is so important to me and I love seeing my boys running wild! Thats also why it is so important to document your days out with photographs, these you will have to look back on and cherish for years to come. 

Make a Pop!

February 23, 2017

I have a new backdrop for family portraits! It really does give a natural look to your family photographs. This dark brown colour really makes the subjects stand out and gives a nice natural feel to the photos. I would recommend wearing neutral colours, whites, creams, denims and blues for the best results. 

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous 

Autumn Leaves

November 01, 2016

Fall is my favourite time of year by far and it happens to be perfect for a relaxed family photo shoot... I love all of the amazing colours, golds, reds, oranges and browns, I always find when you get children outside and let them play you get their real personalities and the most naturally gorgeous photographs. 

This season it is important to coordinate your colours too. I would aim for lots of Navy, burgundy, natural earthy tones and less bring and paste colours. If you are thinking of booking a shoot this could be the perfect one for you as its nice and informal, you can also get your pets involved too!

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